New Mini Cakes

To celebrate our birthday, we’re baking two of our favourite cakes, the Flourless Chocolate Cake, and the Baked Cheesecake, in miniature form. Find them in your local bakery, with our limited edition cake box, from 5th July. Mini cakes and large celebration cakes are available for pre-order online or you can pop into your local GAIL’s. We are happy to inscribe cakes with personal, special messages.


Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake

Our Flourless Chocolate Cake is made with dark chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and pure cocoa powder – that’s it. Essentially, it’s a baked chocolate mousse, which means we try to capture as much air in the cake mixture as possible, before gently pouring the mousse into moulds and baking on a very low heat until the cake is just set. The result is a rich but not overly sweet cake with deep cocoa notes and a feather-light texture.


Mini Baked Cheesecake

We’ve slightly changed our cheesecake recipe, dropping the white chocolate and reducing the sugar content so it’s now slightly sharp, tangy and fresh tasting. We pour the cream cheese custard mixture, made with vanilla, eggs and sugar, over the buttery crumble base, then bake the cheesecake for a little less time than before for a smooth and creamy texture.


And we’re already baking three new mini cakes for summer; a vegan Chocolate & Tahini Bite with sesame seeds and dark chocolate chunks, our sticky and fragrant Passionfruit & Coconut Cake, and our Berry & Polenta Cake which we make with polenta and ground almonds. Order online now.