Bake our favourite recipes from the comfort of your home.

If one were to question, what is the best bit of the whole festive period? We’d have to argue those in-between days, with your feet up and the scent of baked treats filling your home…

The rush and endless to-do lists are done, the pressure of the big day has passed, and we’re given a few, routine free days to enjoy as we choose. One of our most beloved traditions on these in-between days is an afternoon spent in the kitchen baking. (Minus the mess!) Getting the whole house involved, before flopping on the sofa to enjoy the rewards of our labour, fresh from the oven.

For a simple way to keep all the family happy, why not try one of our bake-at-home kits? All the joy of homemade cookies, brownies and buns, without the fuss and mess. Just what you need for a lazy day at home.

Bake At Home Cinnamon Buns

An excellent way to enjoy your favourite GAIL’s buns, without leaving your front door. Straight from your home oven. 9 of our infamous Cinnamon Buns are ready to prove and bake from the comfort of your kitchen. Learn more about the bake-at-home cinnamon buns’ baking method.

Bake at home cinnamon buns


Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

A great way to keep little hands busy over the holidays. We’ve done the hard (messy) work, so all you need to do is slice it up and pop them in the oven. A dozen freshly baked, gooey cookies, done. Learn more and try our chocolate chunk cookie dough.Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough


Chocolate & Pecan Brownie Baking Kit

In this box is the gift of freshly baked brownies, packed with crunchy pecans and chocolate chips, perfect to lift the spirits of any household on a rainy afternoon. Find out more about our chocolate and pecan brownie baking kit.Chocolate & Pecan Brownie Baking Kit

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