Christmas at GAIL’s

There is a quiet beauty about winter; a stillness in the air, skies of pale blue, the gentle glint of the first frosts as we wake up and start our day. Christmas is fast approaching and we can feel a tingle of excitement as we roll out the pastry for our mince pies and knead the dough of our fruit-laden sourdough. Christmas at GAIL’s is all about the joy of seasonal flavours we taste but once a year, the ritual of gathering around the tree, the twinkle of tiny lights, and the alluring scents wafting from the kitchen.


It’s the heady scent of spices that lingers in the air at Christmastime – cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg – and we like to add a pinch of spice to all our sweet treats. Our award-winning mince pies are filled with brandy-soaked fruit and sprinkled with demerara sugar to give a pleasing crunch to the buttery, crumbly pastry. Or indulge in our much-loved Christmas Buns, made with frangipane, chocolate crumbs, cinnamon, vanilla and candied orange zest, then iced with orange crème fraîche. We’ve also added a festive design to our French Dark Sourdough, and created the ultimate Christmas sandwich. Plus, iced biscuits to hang on your tree, sweet almond brittle sables, and a special jam that’s the essence of Christmas. Pop in to your local bakery to see the bounty on offer, or pre-order online for festive gatherings.


Once your festive feasts are sorted, it’s time to think about gifts. For the people in your life that love nothing more than pottering in the kitchen and cooking up a storm for family and friends, look no further than our limited-edition Desmond & Dempsey aprons and tea towels. The hand-painted print was inspired by our bakers, bread, coffee and vintage linen. Designed with a focus on the details, both items are made from 100% cotton, and the apron has a long adjustable strap and tie, a deep front pocket, and a slot just the right size for your mixing spoon. The stylish print and soft cotton make these culinary essentials for every kitchen. Wrap them up with a copy of our first cookbook and place them under the tree.


However you celebrate this time of year, happy Christmas!