Our Filter coffee is seasonal. For every season, we search for a coffee that represents what tastes best with our food, our bread and pastries. Selecting the best and roasting carefully to highlight the craft of the farmer and characteristics of the origin. We specially source and roast for a slower brewing method

For this Autumn, we selected and blended two lots: honey-processed coffee from farms we visited in Costa Rica in February this year and washed coffee from Esquipulas Cooperative, Guatemala. We love the sweet and juicy character of Costa Rican coffees, and wanted to complement this with the chocolate notes and heavier body characteristic of mountain-grown Guatemalan coffees.

In this coffee you will find notes of raisin, milk chocolate and nougat. It’s sweet and rounded, with a very long finish.

Why blend? In the search to find the best coffee, you see many roasteries seeking highly exclusive, small lots. Often known as micro-lots. This is not the most sustainable way to source coffee, making up only a tiny percentage of what a farm produces annually. It can also result in many beautiful coffees being overlooked. We’ve chosen to source carefully and seasonally but to also use our expertise to source and roast beautiful coffees to create a seasonal Filter that is always sweet, rounded and elevates what we offer in our bakeries.