Limited edition advent calendar

The 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar: What My Baker Made for Me

We want you to share the flavour of the festivities with those you love throughout the duration of the holidays, so we’ve created a gift that will give, and give again (twelve times to be exact): It’s our very first advent calendar.

The calendar features our Blackheath bakery, illustrated in the spirit of the season by Christopher Brown. Behind each door you’ll find a bespoke chocolate, created in collaboration with London chocolatier Alex Mariz. Each is hand-packed with a gift certificate to be redeemed in GAIL’s. Available in all of our bakeries or online.

May you and yours have a very merry, very bakery Christmas.

Gift certificates are redeemable from 1st December – 31st January. Christmas products are only available until 31st December. 

Christmas in our bakery

Christmas at GAIL’s is all about the joy of seasonal flavours we taste but once a year. Spicy and sweet things filling the pantry. Goodies stashed away in tins that are strategically placed within reach. Candies in jars. Dried fruits and sweetmeats weighing down the tips of hand-knit stockings. The warmth around the tree, the twinkling of tiny lights, the alluring scents wafting from the kitchen.

Our bakeries brim with the quintessential Christmas classics, including our Pecan and Cranberry sourdough, as well as some new favourites, revisited in the full spirit of the season revisited with festive flavours and ingredients.


Mince Pies GAIL's Bakery

Mince Pies; sprinkled with demerara sugar

Christmas Buns; made with frangipane, chocolate crumbs, candied orange zest and vanilla. Iced with orange crème fraîche. Baked throughout the day, every day

Ricotta, sour cherry & pistachio croissant; twice-baked croissant, soaked in syrup, filled with vanilla ricotta and sour cherries, and topped with pistachio crumble

Christmas baking for children

We will be running Christmas gingerbread baking classes for children in select bakeries listed below.

If you would like to join us for a baking class please visit or call one of our bakeries below and let our teams know. All classes will start at 4pm.


Tuesday 12th December

Battersea Square


Summertown, Oxford

Blackheath Village



Wednesday 13th December


Seymour Place

Jericho, Oxford


Thursday 14th December

Temple Fortune


Wednesday 20th December

Hove *class starts at 15:00

New vegan chocolate muffins

Our new Chocolate Muffin is made with bananas, dairy-free chocolate, cocoa powder, walnuts, brown sugar & maple syrup. The Vegan muffin batter is then topped with crumbled walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon, and baked for 25 minutes in our bakeries. We will also be launching a Vegan Hot Cocoa drink, which is made with Zuma100% organic cocoa and hot frothy milk. Both the Vegan Hot Cocoa and the Chocolate Muffin will be available in bakeries from 2nd November.

winter salads

Our Winter salads include a hearty Lamb & beef kofta salad with spicy pumpkin purée, a Vegan Quinoa salad with a mix of wild rice & winter veg, and our new favourite – Asian slaw, topped with hot smoked salmon.

Spread the loaf in Richmond

We always enjoy giving something back. So, in the lead-up to Christmas this year, we’re partnering with the Vineyard Community Centre and Richmond Food Bank to help support their fantastic work.

The Vineyard Community Centre and Richmond Food Bank offer support and sustenance to people who are homeless or in crisis in the local area. They provide a welcome and essential connection to the community for people who might otherwise feel lost. We’re proud to be supporting them with our bread.

Pop in to our Richmond bakery if you’d like to find out more about Spread the Loaf or how you can help too.