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Flourless chocolate cake (inscribed)


Inscribed; 8 - 10 slices

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Flourless chocolate cake, made with dark chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and pure cocoa powder. That’s it. Our cake is a practically a baked chocolate mousse, which means we try to capture as much air in the cake mixture as possible then we  gently pour the “mousse” into the moulds and bake the cakes  on very low heat just until they are set and not a minute longer. What we get is a light as a feather cake which melts in your mouth, rich, but not overly sweet with deep chocolate and cocoa notes.

Nutrition and allergen information

Nutritional information: Energy kcal/100g: 435, Energy kJ/100g: 1809, Fat g/100g: 31.2, Saturates g/100g: 18.1, Carb g/100g: 30.2, Sugars g/100g: 28.8, Protein g/100g: 8.2, Salt g/100g: 0.6
Vegetarian Yes
Eggs Yes
Soybeans Yes
Milk Yes
Tree nuts Yes

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