We love Good food

Good, unpretentious food with minimum fuss and few ingredients. That’s why bread is at the heart of what we do.

Our rituals are anchored around the beauty of mornings, watching our previous days’ work come to life in our ovens and being a part of our customers’ days.

We can’t imagine doing anything more gratifying than baking our, and your, bread.

Nothing gives as much pleasure as a freshly baked, lovingly crafted loaf.


Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, our bakers have been inspired by vibrant petals, dark cocoa and the act of giving. Find them in your local bakery from Thursday 25th January.


Baking for Kew Gardens’ Orchids Festival

For our third annual partnership with the Kew Gardens’ Orchids Festival, we have created a limited edition cake in celebration of this year’s theme: Thailand.


Bread and Revolution at GAIL’s Bloomsbury, 1st February 2018

We are excited to partner with Produkt for a dinner celebrating bread, with an emphasis on its links to Russia and the New East.


The London Bakers

We are baking daily in our neighbourhoods across London, and also in Oxford, Hove and Farnham.