Our passion for sharing exceptional food in our neighbourhoods takes us around the world to meet some of the most fascinating and revolutionary food makers out there. Together we share a love of good food and a commitment to making it better for everyone. Caring for where our food comes from, for who has made it, who will eat it and for the impact it has on the world.

These are just some of the people and products we care about. We hope you enjoy watching their stories.

Stories behind our ingredients

John Lister

Flour from Shipton Mill

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Eli Gifford

Jam from Tea Together

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Pat & Glyn

Pickles & ferments from Eaten Alive

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Rhuaridh Buchanan

Cheese from Buchanans Cheesemonger

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Paddy Bourns

Eggs from Cacklebean

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Wilf Marriott

Chocolate from Islands

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Jeremy Torz

Coffee from Union

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Paddy Bourns, Cacklebean Eggs

“It’s not just about the egg and it’s not just about the chicken. The people who work for us enjoy working for us. We have a team, like old-fashioned farming"

Pat & Glyn, Eaten Alive

"We’re taking salt and vegetables and creating more than the sum of their parts”

Mary Quicke, Quicke’s Dairy

“I think our job is like Michelangelo trying to find David inside a block of marble”