GAIL's Hawley Wharf

The past, present and future of GAIL’s

November 20, 2023

Words Charlie Monaghan Photography Hector Marshall Thirty years since we started, our mission to make well-made bread more readily available has led us to a place we never imagined. But how did we get here? And what comes next? We met with our co-founder and CEO, Tom Molnar, at our now-open new base in Camden […]

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Gift Guide


November 15, 2023

This season we proudly serve the gift of baking. Like a box of mince pies. A Christmas bun collected on the way home. Cookies because they’ve been good. A loaf of bread to say thank you. A stolen lunch for two. Because sometimes, it’s the simplest acts that mean the most. There is no greater […]

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GAIL's Christmas Table


November 2, 2023

With Christmas on its way, we’ve been thinking a lot about gifts. Not the kind you rush to buy last minute or scramble to wrap before midnight. The less tangible kind. Like the gift of time with loved ones, or an early morning to yourself. The fizz and click of the radiator heating up. A […]

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Mary Quicke’s farm and cheese dairy in Devon

October 6, 2023

Words: Charlie Monaghan Photography: Elliot Sheppard Our autumn menu this year goes heavy on Devonshire Red, a West Country take on the Leicestershire classic, which you’ll find in our seasonal savoury slices and quiches. The farmer and cheesemaker behind this ingredient is Mary Quicke, whose family have been rearing dairy cows and making cheese on […]

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Challah French Toast

Challah French Toast Recipe

September 15, 2023

Loaves of bread have been central to religious practices for millennia, and in Jewish traditions, making challah at home became a way of connecting to the rituals that took place in the temple. Traditionally, challah was a loaf of bread beautifully enhanced to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, sweetened with sugar and enriched with all that glorious […]

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Apple Cake

Apple Cake Recipe

September 13, 2023

Apples and honey are, to many, the ultimate flavours of Rosh Hashanah – a familiar and soul-warming embrace of flavours that nod lovingly to the Jewish culinary culture. Spilling with sugar-coated fruit, this delightfully dense cake is simple enough to make at home. It can be served fresh and hot from the oven, or kept […]

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