Christmas at GAIL’s is all about the joy of seasonal flavours we taste but once a year. Spicy and sweet things filling the pantry. Goodies stashed away in tins that are strategically placed within reach. Candies in jars. Dried fruits and sweetmeats weighing down the tips of hand-knit stockings. The warmth around the tree, the twinkling of tiny lights, the alluring scents wafting from the kitchen.

Our bakeries brim with the quintessential Christmas classics, including our Pecan and Cranberry sourdough, as well as some new favourites, revisited in the full spirit of the season revisited with festive flavours and ingredients.


Mince Pies GAIL's Bakery

Mince Pies; sprinkled with demerara sugar

Christmas Buns; made with frangipane, chocolate crumbs, candied orange zest and vanilla. Iced with orange crème fraîche. Baked throughout the day, every day
Ricotta, sour cherry & pistachio croissant; twice-baked croissant, soaked in syrup, filled with vanilla ricotta and sour cherries, and topped with pistachio crumble

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