Summer brings with it a feast for the senses.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of warm sun on our skin, the scent of tomato leaves and wafting BBQ smoke, the sounds of children playing out late. Sun-ripened strawberries, sticky and sweet. The tangy crunch of lightly pickled cucumbers and peppery bite of freshly picked salad leaves. A glut of tomatoes, tossed in salads or baked in buttery, crumbling pastry.

This season there is much to celebrate and with this in mind we’ve compiled a few of our favourite things to eat this summer.


The perfect savoury nibble to compliment any picnic. Feta and green olives are wrapped in flaky pastry, rolled in sesame seeds and toasted in the oven till crisp and toasty.



Strawberry & Ricotta Cake

Warm out the oven, jammy and sweet, perfect for a moment in the shade of a sunny afternoon. We use British strawberries baked in the oven on top of a dollop of ricotta and polenta cake batter.



Goat’s Cheese & Tomato Quiche

The Clothbound goats cheese from Quicke’s with a vibrant, buttery flavour, it’s the perfect match for the sundried tomatoes and artichokes in our new summer quiche.



Mixed Olive Sourdough

Torn into chunks and smothered with cheese or dunked into a tomato salad.




Discover your favourites at your nearest bakery.

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