Autumn is our favourite time of year — as the light becomes golden and the leaves on the trees begin to change, we seek ingredients that are the best of the season and tinker with recipes that warm us from the inside out.

Of course, a love of good bread is at the heart of everything we do, and we’ve been busy experimenting with nourishing new loaves, resulting in our new Heritage Grain Sourdough made with ancient grains, our savoury Rye Sourdough that combines bitter, sweet and sour and our pillowy White and Brown Sandwich Loaves where we use a mix of flours – white, spelt, durum and einkorn to maximise grain diversity.

Introducing GAIL’s bagels. Inspired by methods and recipes from New York and North London, our method is geared to our top criteria – a crispy base with soft, chewy tops. We make ours with a sourdough starter, dividing the dough into equal parts before shaping, pulling and pinching to let the dough relax before resting them overnight. In the morning, we poach the bagels in boiling water with a touch malt to get a perfectly puffed out and tacky texture. Then, we bake. We are crazy for these round beauties and hope you will be too.

In the bakeries, we’re making Smoked Salmon Bagel sandwiches, a nod to New York with our own spin on things. Expect more delicate flavours and ingredients, including our homemade shmear with chives, capers and lemon zest, topped with freshly shaved cucumber and pink pickled onions from our friends at Eaten Alive. If you’re a purist, you can buy bagels to take home from select bakeries and dream up your own creations.

Discover the delights of our new autumn menu here.

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