We caught up with our Coffee Trainer, Adriana, to find out about her career with GAIL’s, growing up in Italy and how she takes her coffee.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
I woke up at 6am. I always get up a little earlier than I have to because I like to leave enough time for breakfast without rushing.

2. How do you take your coffee?
I mostly drink espresso and filter coffee but I have to try all of our coffees and hot drinks when I’m training baristas and doing quality checks.

3. What do you usually have for breakfast?
When I’m in the UK, I have coffee and coconut yogurt with granola. I could write a book about what I eat for breakfast back in Italy (you know moms, they like to feed you when you come home!).

4. How long have you been working for GAIL’s?
I joined GAIL’s in December 2015 as a barista in South Kensington. I progressed to Head Barista, which meant training and supporting the new baristas in the bakery, then in March this year I was promoted again to become a Coffee Trainer in our Coffee Team. During my time at GAIL’s, I’ve really enjoyed the training as it’s great to learn new things.

5. What’s the first food you remember loving as a child?
My mom’s aubergine meatballs and my sister’s custard and strawberry cake.

6. Have you ever baked bread? How did it go?
Of course! I learned when I was a child and still bake with my sisters and friends. But most of the time we bake pizza.

7. What does the smell of freshly baked bread remind you of?
Family. Growing up, I remember watching my grandma and my aunts baking. My family have a wood fired oven in the backyard to bake bread and pizza. Just thinking about it makes me feel nostalgic and hungry at the same time!

8. What do you spread on your toast?
Nutella (I’m Italian!) but I also love peanut butter and homemade jam.

9. What is the best part of your day?
I love the quiet of late nights.

10. What’s in your ultimate sandwich?
That’s easy – Mixed Olive Sourdough with mortadella.

11. If we could give you a lifetime supply of anything from GAIL’s, what would that be?
The Mini Salmon & Avocado Yoghurt on a Poppyseed Roll. It’s been my lunch almost every day since I started.

12. Our bread is made with three primary ingredients. Four if you include time. What are the main ingredients in your life and work, concrete or abstract?
Loyalty, humility and constant learning; both in work and in life.

13. What would you do for a living, if not this?
I grew up on a farm and I’ve always loved animals, so probably something to do with animals.

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