One early morning late last year, we had breakfast with our friend and nutritionist, Sam Bloom, to talk about plans for our January menu. Before getting into Sam’s life’s work, we spoke about strawberries, the truth, and the sound of falling rain.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
6.30/7 am…this morning I overslept and woke at 8 (first time in years!!)

2. How do you take your coffee?
Flat white or cappuccino, occasionally a double espresso with hot milk and hot water.

3. What do you usually have for breakfast?
It really depends on the day and how much time I have in the morning! I always like to include protein, so goat’s yoghurt with flax seeds and nuts, or oats with coconut oil and pomegranate. I really like a savoury breakfast so perhaps one or two eggs with a lentil salad. If I am rushing and can’t prepare breakfast at at home I have GAIL’s porridge with almond butter.

4. How do you and GAIL’s know each other?
I am an outdoor/wild swimmer and often go to GAIL’s to warm up after a dip in the woman’s ponds or the lido in Hampstead.

5. What’s the first food you remember loving as a child?
Toast with butter and Marmite and marmalade – I still love this as comfort food.

6. Have you ever baked bread? How did that go?
No, I would love to bake bread – my first boyfriend learnt to bake bread after school, I thought it was very romantic!

7. What does the smell of freshly baked bread remind you of?
Hot toast, buttered crumpets and cosy country walks ending beside a roaring fire.

8. What do you spread on your toast?
I always try to have protein with toast so goat’s curd, nut butter or cashew cream, coconut oil, good cheese.

9. For us, bread is the fundamental thing. What’s fundamental for you?
A healthy balanced diet that supports mental well being.  I am passionate about helping people to understand the connection between mental well being and good food.  Oh and good coffee, I am very fussy about my coffee.

10. What’s in your ultimate sandwich?
I rarely eat sandwiches – If I was going to have one I might have a delicious cheddar cheese and pickle for old times sake.

11. If we could give you a lifetime supply of anything we make, what would that be?
Flat whites with semi skimmed organic milk or a plain croissant for a treat. Bread-wise, your gluten-free sourdough or dark rye.

12. We work with three primary ingredients. Four if you include time. What are the main ingredients in your life and work, concrete or abstract?
Exercise. Good food. Buddhism. Family and Friends and My dogs. Supporting people to get well and giving them the tools to eat well and enjoy food. Being of service and having gratitude – we are living in a crazy world and I try to remind myself of how fortunate I am.

13. What would you do for a living if not this?
I used to be an actor and have since then become a nutritionist and I love what I do, my aim is to help people with mental health issues understand the importance of eating properly.  I am not interested in clean eating or passing fads but think we have lost our connection with food for the most part and I want to help support the change in focus towards sustainable food that is good for mental well being as well as helping our planet.

Find out more about Sam Bloom here. 


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