While there is a nip in the air outside, during November our bakeries take on a warm, festive glow. The sweet, spicy smells of cinnamon and fragrant citrus peel fill our kitchens as we make our Christmas Buns and Mince Pies, reminding us of the insatiable need we have for scents and spices at this time of year.

Our new Christmas menu is packed with comfort and joy. After some serious taste testing (someone has to do it), we think we’ve cracked the perfect Mince Pie. Encased  in soft, buttery, crumbly pastry, we fill ours withbrandy-soaked fruit, adding a little apple into the mix for freshness. We use British Bramley apples for their tart and tangy quality.

Should Christmas Buns be more your cup of tea, we’ve got you covered. Made with buttery brioche dough, filled with frangipane, candied citrus peel and topped with zesty vanilla icing, these sumptuous buns have gained a loyal following as a festive favourite.

Christmas isn’t quite Christmas without a proper turkey sandwich. This year, we’ve given our Turkey & Cheese Sandwich a twist. Made with our beloved Waste-less Sourdough, delicately smoked turkey from Walter Rose & Son and creamy Mayfield Swiss cheese, we’ve topped off the crown jewels with sweet bacon jam and smoky chipotle aioli for good measure.

Discover the joys of our Christmas menu in bakeries now.

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