We are excited to partner with Produkt for a dinner celebrating bread, with an emphasis on its links to Russia and the New East. Celebrated author and food anthropologist, Karina Baldry and Katrina Kollegaeva respectively, are re-launching their popular supper club with each dinner focusing on a single ingredient.

The first dinner is about bread, which is where we come in.

Join us for dinner on 1st February at 7pm for an interactive evening of bread-inspired dishes and stories at GAIL’s Bloomsbury.

We have a limited number of tickets available: https://grubclub.com/produkt/produkt-bread-and-revolution-with-gails/21490#

Guests can expect beautiful, bread-centric dishes from around the world, plus talks from GAIL’s founder, Tom Molnar, baker Dan Lepard, and The Real Bread Campaign’s Chris Young.

For more information visit Produkt https://www.produkt.london/


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