Bread currently has a very poor reputation – it is accused of causing weight gain, bloating, digestive issues and providing little nutritional benefit. This is due to supermarket loaves being made using the Chorleywood method, which aims to speed up the process leaving us with bread which often contains more than 15 ingredients.

However, we believe that bread should be made using just 4 ingredients, flour, water, salt and yeast. Combining these 4 simple ingredients and the slow fermentation technique used in making sourdough, means it can support digestion and is often well tolerated by those who ordinarily find bread a digestive irritant. Our bread also uses the whole grain; this increases the fibre and the nutrient load because the husk of the grain (the most fibrous part) is included in the bread.

Good quality bread, which uses the whole grain, contains carbs, protein and fat, coupled with a nutrient dense topping (such as eggs, salmon, avocado) will nourish the body, regulate blood sugar and minimize the need for snacking. We love that our bread is health food.

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