Christmas is a million moments.

The first card you receive through the post and the last one you pop through your neighbour’s letterbox. A hold-your-breath Nativity play (nervous shepherd, second row on the right) and a hug and well-deserved star-shaped biscuit afterwards. It’s opening tomorrow’s window on the Advent calendar today because you can’t wait.

The aroma of wood smoke and of buns warming in the oven for breakfast – redolent of orange and vanilla or chocolate and almond – wakes even a hibernating teenager. A sip of champagne and a nibble to share with friends you haven’t seen in too long.

The crunch and the spirit, while shopping, lifts you up and wears you down. The wrapped packages that say ‘thank you’ to teachers and friends at work with every bite. Enjoying sweet before savoury and feasting throughout the day, as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas and you tuck the last present under the tree with a yawn.

Reviewing a to-do list that keeps getting longer over a tray of bread and cheese. And it’s remembering that the list doesn’t really matter, because Christmas arrives anyway, just like it does every year. Savouring the indulgence and the ride of festive traditions. Merry Christmas!


Christmas Buns and Mince Pie

Mince Pies

Sprinkled with Demerara sugar

Christmas Buns

Made with frangipane, chocolate crumbs, cinnamon, candied orange zest and vanilla. Iced with orange crème fraîche. Baked throughout the day.

Christmas Sandwich


Turkey Sandwiches

Smoked turkey, Mayfield Swiss cheese, chipotle aioli and bacon jam on Malted Wholegrain Sourdough.

Penguin biscuit


Penguin biscuit


Festive Morning Hamper


Festive morning hamper



Christmas Hamper


Speculoos Cookies

Lightly spiced speculoos cookies.


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Bring a little magic to the table with our festive hampers and gift boxes, wrapped to order and tied up with red satin ribbons. Lift the lid and take in the aromas of Christmas, the warm scent of spice that sparks a smile and a glint in the eye. Create towers of mince pies, pile sticky spiced buns on marble cake stands, hang iced biscuits on the tree – and don’t forget to order breakfast hampers for family and friends so festive mornings are calm and bright.

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