Our search for the best pastrami in London (and Britain) for our new Reuben Toastie brought us together with the fabulous Monty’s Deli. The founders, Mark and Owen, opened as a stall along Maltby Street Market in 2012 and have long been obsessed with refining the perfect recipe for their infamous pastrami and salt beef. This is Jewish soul food, made with love.

There’s a two week process of drying the pastrami before it arrives with our bakers. The team take the best beef brisket they can find. It’s then brined, cured and rubbed with spices and then steamed to create a soft textured meat that gives a smoky hit at first, followed by a hint of spices.

Our new Reuben Toastie has now finally launched across all bakeries and we’re serving it with Eaten Alive’s Hot Sauce, which we think is hard to beat.


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