Ask any barista how to make the perfect latte and they’ll tell you it’s all about the milk – assuming you’ve got good beans, of course. We serve milk from Brades Farm, a small family farm in the stunning Lune Valley where the cows are free-to-roam all year long. The farm itself has been passed through 14 generations and in the early days the Towers family would do their local milkround in the family car.

Brades Barista Milk is a blend of non-homogenised Jersey and Holstein, creating a silky texture and natural sweetness that complements our House Blend coffee perfectly.

The Brades ethos is to make great tasting, high quality milk with the welfare of the animals and innovation to reduce their carbon footprint at the fore. Beautifully, Brades’ herds of cows are climate smart – they’re fed a natural supplement called mootral, which reduces methane output by 30%, watch the video below to learn more.

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