Meet Kripa, our neighbour in St John’s Wood, mother of three and creator of @15min_mom. We chatted to Kripa about time-saving and toast early one winter morning.

1. How do you know GAIL’s?
It’s our family’s favourite local bakery.

2. What do you spread on your toast?
I love organic, full fat butter that melts all over. I also love homemade avocado salsa, but I must say the GAIL’s one is pretty good too.

3. How do you take your coffee?
Being from Portugal I am a natural fan of the espresso – however recently I favour a GAIL’s long black with oat milk.

4. If we could give you a lifetime supply of anything from GAIL’s, what would that be?
I would love to say the Sea Salt Caramel, Pecan & Banana Cake which is one of my top indulgences; however thinking of my bathroom scales, I should probably stick to the bread; the 100% Rye Sourdough or my favourite of all, the Mixed Olive Sourdough. 

5. Tell us all about 15 Minute Mom.
As a busy Mum of three adorable but demanding children, I need to manage my time well. I still wanted to cook good quality, healthy, fun meals as well as get the adult meal sorted, so I had to devise tricks and hacks in the kitchen to help me save time. My meals are done in 15 minutes from start to finish. I also blog about nutrition facts and give an Organic Chemist’s advice on understanding food labels, additives and chemicals present in processed foods. 15min Mom is great for any busy professional that wants to eat clean and not only parents.

6. If you have 15 minutes to cook breakfast, what do you rustle up?
My 15min spinach pancakes with garlic mushrooms and oozing spicy mozzarella.


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