As the days get longer, we’re craving food that’s light and bright. Rich comfort food and heartier meals have been swapped for salads and seasonal vegetables – accompanied by a generous slice of bread and butter, of course.

We’re baking new recipes with seasonal flavours, inspired by all the farm-fresh summer produce. And because there’s nothing more boring than eating plain leaves, we’ve lifted up our salads with combinations such as Smoked Salmon & Kohlrabi Remoulade with asparagus, garden peas, golden beetroot, and piquant preserved lemon from our friends at Eaten Alive.

Of course we’re bakers at heart, so naturally there are sweet and savoury pastries to eat alongside these sprightly salads. Try our Feta & Dill Escargot, sprinkled with sesame seeds and drizzled with za’atar-infused honey as they come out of the oven – a must if you love sweet-salty flavour combinations as much as we do.

This is just a taste of our seasonal summer favourites, so pop into your local bakery soon to see what else we’ve been cooking up in the kitchen.

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