After searching for the best quality ingredients, and much sizzling, scrambling and sautéing, we’re proud to introduce our new breakfast menu.

Our Sausage Breakfast Roll is made with a free-range sausage patty topped with melted Mayfield Swiss Cheese and a fried egg, served on a Cream Bun with homemade Tomato Relish.

For our vegetarian Scrambled Egg Roll we layer scrambled eggs, avocado, homemade tomato relish and baby spinach onto a cream bun. We’re also baking a vegan-friendly option in a new Seeded Potato Roll too, which we fill with avocado, sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach and homemade tomato relish.

Our Potato, Cabbage and Leek Cake is fried until golden, then topped with Crème Fraîche, a fried egg and chopped chives. We can also add folds of Goldstein’s smoked salmon or sizzled rashers of Hepburns’ streaky bacon.

We’re now using Oatly oat milk to make our porridge, with a range of toppings that are either vegetarian or vegan. Pop in for a bowl topped with fresh blueberries, toasted seeds and maple syrup or almond butter and seasonal fruit compote, along with our old favourites like honey and date molasses.

To complement our new breakfast menu, we’re serving more homemade condiments; Brown Sauce, Tomato Relish and Hot Sauce. We’ve also got a homemade smokey Bacon Jam, which can be ordered as a side with anything from our breakfast menu.

Find the new menu in your local bakery or see it online here.

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