Bread is often elevated by cheese, and cheese sometimes finds itself homeless without bread. To celebrate their perfect union, we invite you to join our baker Roy Levy, together with our friend Rhuaridh of Buchanan’s Cheesemonger as we host a five course bread and cheese experience.

From 7pm in our Exmouth Market bakery on the evening of Thursday 22nd June, our Baker, Roy Levy, and our friend Rhuaridh Buchanan, of Buchanan’s Cheesemonger, will create The Perfect Sandwich for London Food Month.

Whilst we’re passionate about what we eat, we know it’s the company we keep which best enhances its savour. We hope you’ll join us.


   The Perfect Sandwich Menu:
    Sourdough soldier with Goat’s curd, Parma ham and fried sage
    Baked bread, tomato and feta Soup
    The Perfect Sandwich
    Chocolate & rye cookies with ricotta & honey ice cream


All courses are paired with wine

Tickets cost £40 for the evening and can be bought here.

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