A cup of the strong stuff can make or break a morning. Which is why we champion coffee without compromise. Serving up seasonal filters, award-winning blends and best-in-class decaf – all with fully traceable origins.

Coffee with a conscience

We’re proud to work with the specialist roast masters at Union. Union choose to produce coffee the right way, rather than the most profitable – with visibility all the way back to the origin.

These are just five ways they’re making coffee better for everyone:

1. People come first, not profit

Union choose to produce coffee the right way, rather than the most profitable. In 2021, this meant they paid their farmer partners 18% above the average international world market price (and 36% above Fairtrade minimum price).

2.  Coffee farmers are empowered

Union are passionate about helping coffee farmers understand their worth. Education empowers them to ask for fairer prices and a more equitable role. To date, over 65,000 individuals have benefitted from Union’s purchasing model, Union Direct Trade.

3. Every cup has a story to tell

Because they work directly with coffee farmers, Union knows the exact origin of your coffee. Thanks to these long-term partnerships, they can also unearth exclusive, hard-to-find beans and blends.

4. Roasting happens by hand

Union don’t rely on automated machinery to roast their coffee. Instead, they roast by hand, using their expertise to detect changes in colour, aroma and changes in the beans.

5. The challenges aren’t ignored

climate change is coffee’s biggest long-term threat, so it’s vital the industry tackles it head-on. Union champions long-term sustainability, education and investment in future, greener generations.

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Seasonal filter coffees

Seasonal filter coffees

We work with Union to bring you a new filter coffee each season. Changing with the seasons allows us to use the freshest green coffees, ensuring the best body and brightness for the blend.

For spring we have a superb new filter with notes of stone fruit, bergamot and praline. A blend featuring a Peruvian lot from the Chirinos co-operative that delivers sweetness and chocolatey notes, paired with washed Rwandan lot from the Maraba co-operative which is sweet, but also citrusy and floral. Together they create a perfect filter for spring. Best enjoyed with a bun.

  • Maraba co-operative, Rwanda

Founded with around 300 initial members in 2001, the Maraba co-operative has expanded to over 1,500 members today, of which 35% are women. Union worked with the co-operative to fund processing facilities and to provide training in growing high-quality Rwandan coffee, allowing farmers to earn more for their crops. The premium has contributed towards health insurance for co-operative members, and improved housing and economic stability in the local area through the creation of shops and local banks. What was once one of the poorest regions of Rwanda, has now got growing economic stability, a bustling town and a strong community spirit.

Maraba coffee is grown at 1,700 metres above sea level, with the high altitudes of Rwanda making for the perfect location to grow specialty coffee.

  • Chirinos co-operative, Peru

Chirinos is a co-operative of smallholder coffee farmers in Cajamarca, North Peru. In 1968, 36 smallholder farmers joined together to form this co-operative and today they have over 800 members, of which 30% are women. The average coffee producer farms an area less than five hectares, so being part of the co-operative makes selling their coffee viable.

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Award-winning House Blend

Award-winning House BlendOur House Blend coffee is award-winning for good reason. It is roasted by Union in small batches to develop sweetness and highlight the characteristics of our blend’s outstanding origins. Expect ripe cherry notes upfront, leading to deeper walnut notes, a hint of muscovado sugar and a lingering home-made caramel finish. A great morning coffee.

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Best-in-class decaf coffee


Best-in-class decaf coffee

A naturally decaffeinated single-origin coffee, our decaf coffee is selected and sourced from the smallholder farmers of the Chirinos co-operative in Peru. In order to bring you the best decaf coffee, only water and carbon dioxide are used in the decaffeination process, meaning it is a completely natural process.

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The ice to your coffee

The ice to your coffee

Your favourite hot drinks, just colder. Our deliciously refreshing iced coffees are crafted using a shot of our House Blend coffee, which is perfectly sweet and has a long finish, making it ideal for iced drinks.

Choose from our Iced Black, which pairs nicely with a Chocolate Brownie finger, or our Iced Latte, a full-bodied drink that goes down a treat paired with our Rhubarb and Ricotta cake. For those with a sweet tooth, there is also our Iced Mocha, delivering an indulgent and comforting cocoa flavour which blends beautifully with our House Blend espresso.

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Brewing our coffee

Brewing our coffeeBrewing coffee is a sacred ritual in our bakeries. We opt for traditional brew methods, offering espresso-based drinks and filter coffee to ensure your daily brew is as fresh and uplifting as it should be.

Brewing coffee with an espresso machine and a filter are two different methods that result in distinct flavours and textures. Brewing coffee with a traditional espresso machine uses high pressure to extract a concentrated shot of coffee. The pressure and the finer grind of the coffee beans result in a thicker, more robust flavour, that is also great with milk. Brewing coffee with a filter, on the other hand, results in a milder, smoother and more nuanced flavour.

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