Earlier this week we chatted with Nick Doman, Founder & Co-CEO of Ocean Bottle. We spoke about his love for olives and his favourite GAIL’s bake.

What time did you get up this morning?

8am – perks of working from home!

How do you take your coffee?

Oat milk cappuccino (or if its hot out ill have a iced americano!)

What do you usually have for breakfast?

If I have breakfast ill take a croissant or a GAIL’s Cinnamon bun wherever I can!

How do you and GAIL’s know each other?

Intimately. I make sure I go to the Victoria Park Village bakery a few times a week.

What’s the first food you remember loving as a child?

Olives, I couldn’t pronounce them as I could only muster Olibes. I loved them so much I got a jar of Olives every year for Christmas till I was 10.

Have you ever baked bread? How did that go?

I have a few times, I would say the range of outcomes were between miserable to just barely passable. I have learned to leave it to the pros.

What does the smell of freshly baked bread remind you of?

Good times.

What do you spread on your toast?

Butter and vegemite.

For us, bread is the fundamental thing. What’s fundamental for you?

Making business work for people and planet. It seems so obvious (I think) but there are actually so few companies even thinking about this.

What’s in your ultimate sandwich?

Burrata, pesto and tomatoes.

If we could give you a lifetime supply of anything we make, what would that be?

That’s easy – your spinach and feta rolls.

We work with three primary ingredients. Six if you include time. What are the main ingredients in your life and work, concrete or abstract?

Friends, passion, and Will…. My co-founder…. Cant seem to get rid of him.

What would you do for a living if not this?

Something else in impact. It would also need to bring social and environmental impact together like we do at Ocean Bottle. I love community driven carbon sequestration projects!

Find out more about Ocean Bottle here.

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