At GAIL’s we see morning coffee as ritual rather than routine. Life’s simple pleasures provide the rhythms we live by – and the moments we live for.

As the seasons change, so too do our menus, as we celebrate the lightness and ease of the summer months with our new deliciously refreshing iced coffees and cooling specials…


A classic Iced Latte is an iconic summer drink. Made with a shot of espresso, poured over ice and mixed with your choice of milk it is the perfect solution to a hot summer morning. Our House Blend espresso is hand roasted in East London & sourced direct from farmers. It has a delicate sweetness to it with notes of red fruit, cocoa and walnut. Make it your own by adding agave, swapping dairy for oat milk or opting for a shot of our single origin decaf.


We source our milk from Brades Farm; two small family-run farms in Lancaster and Cheshire, who share a similar ethos to GAIL’s in the treatment of animals, quality of product and sustainability. Brades Farm herds have a special diet of pasture-grazing, hay and mootrol. Mootrol is a natural supplement that reduces the methane output of cows and reduces the environmental impact of dairy farming.

Perfect Pairing: This full-bodied coffee pairs excellently with our Strawberry & Ricotta cake as the soft, creamy ricotta cheese is perfectly complimented by the high dairy content of this milky beverage. The sweetness of the strawberries is mirrored by our House Blend espresso.





A refreshing summer drink for our purists! Our House Blend uses a blend of ethically and sustainably sourced coffees that we source seasonally. Changing the blend with the seasons allows us to use the freshest green coffees and ensures a consistent sweetness, body and brightness in the blend.


The body and nutty chocolate notes in our House Blend come from coffee sourced from the Primavera Farm in Brazil – recently recognized as the 3rd most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil.

Perfect Pairing: Chocolate and coffee share similar flavour profiles that make them the perfect pairing. As such, we have paired our Iced Black coffee with a Chocolate Brownie finger. The brownie will compliment the nutty and chocolate notes in our house blend. Whilst the clean caffeine hit of the iced coffee will carve through the moist, rich body of the brownie, cleansing your palate ready for another delicious bite!



We welcome back the rich and delicious Iced Mocha. It has an indulgent and comforting cocoa flavour which blends beautifully with our House Blend espresso. Perfect for customers who want that classic coffee flavour but who also have a bit of a sweet tooth! It can be made vegan with the addition of a non-dairy milk.


A moreish iced drink with a classically rich cocoa flavour. Perfect for children, but also great for adults with a sweet tooth. Our Iced chocolate is made with a rich coco syrup made in house, not too sweet but just perfect to satisfy that craving.


Hand made in Central Craft Bakery with Extra Brut cocoa powder from Barry Callebaut. This cocoa powder is dutch-processed, which reduces the natural acidity of chocolate and imparts a classic cocoa flavour. The powder is very fine, which makes it perfect for creating our cocoa syrup.

The syrup is vegan, which means people who are avoiding dairy are able to enjoy – provided no addition of dairy-based milk.

Perfect Pairing: Milk and cookies have always been a winning combination, and we think pairing our Iced Chocolate with our Chocolate chunk cookie could be the most perfect and luxurious expression of this. Our cookies are a careful balance of flavour with dark, almost savoury chocolate chunks through soft and chewy cookie dough, they are intentionally not too sweet. This makes them perfectly complimentary to the soft ice-cold sweetness of our iced chocolate milk.



Our Iced Chai Latte is made from chai syrup and milk, finished with cinnamon powder. It’s sweet, lightly spicy flavour, but also refreshing – perfect for warm summer days.

Our Iced Chai syrup is hand made in Central Craft Bakery, with roasted cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, black pepper, cloves and fresh ginger. We add our Assam Breakfast tea at the very end, allowing it to extract into the syrup for the exact right amount of time to capture its malty goodness.


Our Assam Breakfast Tea from JING Tea is sourced directly from tea gardens in Assam, India, where the team are focussing on pesticide preventative agricultural processes, as well as reforestation of local trees to encourage healthier tea plants and support Elephant grazing corridors and supporting local women into jobs and onto committees that support safe working spaces for women.

Perfect Pairing:  A Chai latte takes a classic latte and adds the unique GAIL’s chia syrup which gives it a complex floral flavour that we think pairs perfectly with the sweet sticky cinnamon that laces our flaky cinnamon buns.





When we tasted this Colombian coffee on the cupping table, it jumped out as the very definition of summer. Our Summer Filter is juicy and sweet, with lovely body. The perfect way to start a summer’s day – with notes of Yellow Plum, Brown Sugar and Orange Peel. Best served black, but also tasty with a small splash of milk.

A blend of lots from different farmer members of the ASPROTIMANA Association in South Huila, Colombia. Surrounded by the Central and Cordillera Central and Occidental ranges of the Colombian Andes, the area boasts good soils and high altitude, the perfect environment for growing speciality coffee. The 220 farmers in the ASPROTIMANA association are trained to high-standards in agricultural practices – not only focusing productivity and quality, but also environmental sustainability.

ASPROTIMANA also supports women coffee farmers thorough a project called The Women’s Group; this consists of 40 women who are provided with leadership and business training. World-wide women participate in coffee farming but very few own land or see the proceeds from their labour. The Women’s Group works to balance this and improve gender equity in the local coffee producing community.

Our iced drinks are now available to order directly to your doorstep with Deliveroo. Click here to place your order.

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