Our Partners

We’ve worked with Quicke’s and Buchanans for too long to remember. For years we’ve filled our sandwiches with Quicke’s outstanding clothbound cheddar, and buttered our bread with their whey butter. We are so proud to serve it on our toast in our bakeries! Just as special is Buchanan’s Cheesemonger, based just round the corner from our Seymour Place bakery. Owner Rhuaridh Buchanan has over a decade of experience in maturing cheese and working with the best chefs in London. Enjoy Buchannan’s cheese in our Mayfield Swiss on Seeded Sourdough or in our Cheese Straws.

Smoked Salmon
Goldstein Salmon started smoking salmon in 1911 and is arguably the oldest established family of salmon curers in London. Sustainable, local and made with exacting standards, you can enjoy their delicately smoked salmon in our bakeries with scrambled eggs on Russian Rye Sourdough or in our poppy seed rolls with avocado yoghurt.

We develop and constantly re-fresh our house blend with Union Hand-roasted Coffee, based here in London. As the name suggests, Union hand-roasts our – and your – coffee whilst sourcing the best coffee beans from around the world. Union works directly with farmers in growing communities, helping them earn higher prices by improving farming and coffee-handling techniques, impacting thousands of families every year. Every day our bakeries are filled with the wonderful, distinctive aroma of freshly roasted beans.

JING Tea source some of the best single garden teas from around the world with purity and clarity of flavour. Traceable to the precise place where they were made within a single origin, each of their teas embody the unique character of the people, places and nature that bring them to life. JING work directly with tea producers with whom they share a commitment to sourcing teas of the highest quality that are better for the environment and the communities who make them.

Good food should be accompanied by good drinks. Square Root produce seasonal, small-batch sodas in Hackney, working with farmers and local suppliers to make refreshing, innovative drinks – no shortcuts, no compromises. Daily Dose are committed to fighting food waste by using wonky, surplus organic produce to make their colourful cold-pressed juices. At the other end of production, their leftover juice pulp is collected to feed livestock on their Surrey farm. We are so grateful to Square Root and Daily Dose for their appetite for innovating with us and proud of our co-developed recipes, like GAIL’s x Square Root Limeade and GAIL’s x Daily Dose Iced Tea.

Fresh organic and free-range eggs from one of the first egg cooperatives in the country, started in 1926.

Award-winning butcher and the home of great British bacon since 1932.

Brades Farm Milk
Nutritious, non-homogenised milk from Jersey and Holstein-Fresian cows that are free to roam all year long at a small family farm in Lancaster.

We don’t believe in wasting food. We bake to order every day, and we donate all surplus food to over 40 local charities. One of our charity partners is The Felix Project who unites charities and food suppliers in the interest of reducing food waste while alleviating food poverty. They deliver our surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.