Our community gives to us every day; we are determined to give back to it as much as we can. We believe in the power of community, in helping those around us and living as sustainably as possible.

We do our best to manage what we make, but inevitably sometimes we do have surplus food at the end of the day. We believe that any surplus food should go on to feed people within our communities. We make this happen by donating food left at the end of our days to local organisations and charities, from all of our bakeries.

We currently support 95 local organisations. Our aim is to ensure that any surplus goes to local charitable causes 100% of the time. During the pandemic, we hit 100% for two months due to the generosity of those at home volunteering for local organisations. Get involved!

“It’s been an amazing beginning to a partnership with GAIL’s. Not only are the bread and cakes you donate to the charity amazing, so are your staff. It’s been a pleasure to offer and distribute freshly baked bread from our community fridge to over 150 people a week who visit but also to deliver to Buddhist temples, elderly homes and half way houses”

Daniel – Driven Forward, our partner in Windsor




Wherever we can, we’ll look to use good ingredients that might otherwise go to waste in our baking. We call it our Waste Not range, and we reuse offcuts from a variety of ingredients such as cheese and fruit and include them in recipes to become wonderful new creations.

Wherever possible, we buy local. We’re proud to buy cheese and butter from Quicke’s, as well as their surplus which will otherwise be wasted, and use them in our cheddar crackers. We buy Brades Milk, who pioneers Mootral, natural feed that results in a reduction of burp methane emission.

We bake with otherwise wasted ingredients in several of our recipes, includingmorning goods, savouries and breads. Our Waste-less sourdough is made with porridge from yesterday’s surplus bread. We are delighted to have been awarded the Great Taste Award twice for this loaf!