Designed with flavour and ingredients in mind, much of our menu is plant-based by nature, not by necessity. Because when you stay connected to good food in your diet, plants are never far behind. Whatever your resolutions or resolve this year, know that your rituals can remain a constant, providing comfort to carry you through winter. Be it rising with freshly baked bread in the morning, or lighting up a dark afternoon with a bun, warm from the oven.


Plant-based bread

Plant-Based BreadAt its light, soft core, bread is plant-based in its nature, made with just flour, water, salt and yeast. Yet some recipes may strive for a different flavour or texture, calling for extra ingredients such as milk, eggs, butter or even honey (such as our Honey, Almond and Walnut Sourdough).

  • White Sourdough

Our White Sourdough has a thick, chewy crust, with a soft, creamy crumb and rich, tangy flavour, in contrast to our…

  • Dark Sourdough

Made with wheat and wholemeal flour for a dark, chewy, bitter-sweet crust, with a tight, tacky crumb and complex, wholesome flavour. 

  • Seeded Sourdough

For those that like some seed to their sourdough, ours is baked with wheat and rye flour, white starter, malt, and a nutritious blend of sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and linseeds. Each loaf is then rolled in even more seeds before being baked to give a crunchy crust and a light, open crumb.


Plant-based sandwiches

Plant-Based Sandwiches

There is much to savour in a sandwich, and our plant-based offerings make for a delectable lunch, regardless of your dietary choices. We highly recommend stealing an hour for some one-on-one time with one of these sandwiches at your local bakery.

  • Spiced Cauliflower and Pickled Aubergine Sandwich

Our popular plant-based sesame flatbread is filled with oven-roasted spiced cauliflower florets, lentil hummus and jalapeño and preserved lemon pickled aubergine, warmly spiced with matbucha – a North African tomato and red pepper jam. 

  • Sweet Potato Lentil Burger

We’ve refreshed the recipe for our take on the perfect plant-based burger. A sweet potato, shiitake, cauliflower and lentil patty, nestled amongst turmeric mayonnaise and lemon kraut from our friends at Eaten Alive. 

  • Mini Avocado and Chickpea Sandwiches

Vibrant avocado salsa verde, chickpeas, radish and coriander cress burst from a potato bun. A perfectly portioned lunchtime pick-me-up.


Plant-based sweets

Plant-based sweets

Chocolate lovers rejoice, for our partners, Islands use organic Caribbean cocoa that is plant-based from seed and bean to bar and buttons. Meaning elevenses are still on the menu.

  • Tahini Bites 

There is something altogether satisfying about a small cake all to oneself. Our sticky tahini and dark chocolate cake, topped with sesame seeds, inspires devotion in those who try it.

  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Bun

A baked bun enriched with extra virgin olive oil, rather than dairy, topped with a crispy cocoa glaze and hazelnuts. We fill the buns with our decadent Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread made by our friends at Island’s Chocolate. This is our plant-based take on the perfectly baked doughnut.


Plant-based soups

Is there anything better than shrugging off the cold with hot soup? We worked closely with the team at Natoora to create soups that showcase the best of the season. Our weekly changing soups promise hearty flavours paired with our sourdough for a warming and comforting meal.

  • Delica and Farro Soup 

Silky and sweet with Delica pumpkin, Italian herbs, smoked Spanish paprika and farro grains. The pumpkins are carefully watered and cured in a way so as to build a concentration of flavour in the flesh.

  • Parsnip, Pear and Walnut Soup 

Frost-ripened Lancashire parsnips, hand-picked organic pears from East Sussex and a wealth of walnuts come together to capture the best of this season, in a bowl. Be sure to savour them while they’re here.


Plant-based salads

Plant-Based Salads

  • Freekeh and Sweet Potato 

To brighten up the greyest of days, find freekeh in a cranberry and almond dressing with roasted sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, pomegranate and spicy seeds. Restores with every mouthful.

  • Roasted Broccoli, Black Rice and Mushroom

Nutty and rich black rice paired with mushroom, roasted broccoli and spinach with a tahini and miso dressing. We can’t think of a fresher interlude for our day.


Click & Collect: Reserve your favourites ahead of time online and we’ll have your order baked, boxed and ready to collect at your convenience. 

Home Delivery: Winter is a time for gathering inside with good people and good food. Ensure all your favourites make it to the table, and order in advance for delivery straight from ours to yours.

In Bakery: Thaw out at your local GAIL’s bakery and settle in for breakfast, lunch or a deep sigh of something sweet in the afternoon. Look out for plant-based labels or speak to a team member for further details on our plant-based offering. 


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