GAIL’s & Wildpress

The humble apple is one of nature’s hardest workers. Beloved by bees, insects and birds, apple trees play an important role in the rich biodiversity of our green and pleasant land. But every year, more and more orchards and their traditional British apple varieties are disappearing, casualties of commercial farming. The time to change this is now. This summer, together with Wildpress, we are fighting back…

We’re proud to have joined forces to bring our own exclusive press that supports independent growers and sustainable orchards that are preserving lesser-known apple varieties. By paying a fairer price for the fruit, we enable farmers to invest in more sustainable, regenerative and biodiversity-boosting practices.

Every bottle of this pure, all-natural juice is made with organic Falstaff apples from our pal Ed in Hall End Farm in Herefordshire where with the additional investment, the farm is experimenting with some pioneering nature-friendly farming practices.

The juice is silky smooth and delicate with an English rose tint. Made even more delicious by the knowledge that every sip is helping support nature and build a more beautiful, biodiverse future for everyone: bees and all.

Find a bottle in your local bakery.

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