In spring we celebrate generous, gentle and uplifting food. Familiar favourites renewed for the season. Sandwich loaves shared with loved ones at lengthy lunches, laden with tradition. Hot cross buns, guided from the oven. Emerging beautiful and blooming, straight into impatient hands, made quickly sticky. Iced coffee, with which to welcome brighter mornings. Spring is in abundance at our bakeries.

Spring sandwich loaves

Spring sandwich loaves
The key component of a proper sandwich; the sandwich loaf is a wonderfully nostalgic thing. The soft, safe vessel in which to house beautiful ingredients. Impossible to regard without recalling our favourite childhood fillings. The go-to comforters that could be consumed remarkably regularly.

This season sees the launch of two classic sourdough tin loaves at GAIL’s, White and Malted. Perfect for assembling spring sandwiches and grown-up takes on childhood favourites.

Our new tin loaves are lovingly crafted, made using only flour, water and sea salt, as well as malted wheat flakes in our Malted Loaf. Left to ferment for longer than modern tin loaves, with all the benefits of sourdough baked in – depth of flavour and nutritional value.

Available whole, or sliced in-bakery, our tin loaves are a new everyday favourite. A splendid choice for proper sandwiches.

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Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross BunsThere’s always a batch of Hot Cross Buns emerging fresh and hot out of our ovens in spring. Baked a little differently this year with nutritious rye oat flour, spiced with grains of paradise – delivering warming notes of black pepper, coriander, ginger and citrus.

Packed with dried fruit and glazed with a sweet, spiced syrup whilst still warm, get yours to enjoy individually, or as a box of 3 or 6.

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Iced drinks

Iced drinksThe iced coffee season is starting a little earlier this year in our bakeries. We’ll have all your favourites – from coffee to chocolate, and chai to mocha – on ice, from March 1st.
Making iced coffee is a welcome ritual in our bakeries. To make our Iced Black Coffee, a shot of our House Blend espresso is poured over ice and water, or mixed with your choice of milk when making our Iced Latte. With notes of cherry, walnut and muscovado sugar, House Blend ensures the body and brightness you want from an iced coffee. Also available are our Iced Mocha, Iced Chocolate and Iced Chai.

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Spring hampers

An afternoon tea of fresh scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam. Bagels, at brunch, with whey butter, Scottish smoked salmon and orange juice. Such occasions call for a GAIL’s hamper. We have a delectable selection, full of the tastes of tradition, to celebrate this spring, including:

Mother’s Day Cream Tea Hamper – serves 4

Mother’s Day Cream Tea HamperOur new Mother’s Day Cream Tea Hamper will be available between the 9th – 19th of March. Carefully packed with everything you need to create special memories. Freshly baked Plain and Sultana Scones, naturally paired with proper Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam. Alongside joyful Rhubarb and Ricotta Cakes and Raspberry Iced Buns.

Breakfast in Bed Hamper – serves 2

Breakfast in Bed HamperGive them an awakening to match that of the season. One that is bright, rallying and full of the promise of good things ahead. That will truly make them rise and shine. Our Breakfast in Bed Hamper contains traditional pastries – a cinnamon bun and croissant – to enjoy alongside a loaf of our Wasteless Sourdough, with whey butter and Seville Marmalade, all washed down with proper orange juice.

Bagels Who Brunch Hamper – serves 2

Bagels Who Brunch HamperOur bagels are inspired by methods and recipes from New York and North London. A crispy base with a soft, chewy top. We make ours with a sourdough starter, dividing the dough into equal parts before shaping, pulling and pinching to let the dough relax before resting them overnight. We can think of no better accompaniment than a generous, golden layer of whey butter, Scottish smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, just set. Our Bagels Who Brunch Hamper contains everything needed for just this.

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