As spring blooms, awaken your senses with seasonal delights from GAIL’s. This year, we welcome back our exclusive apple juice, created in partnership with our friends at Wildpress. Made from organic Falstaff apples sourced from Hall End Farm in Herefordshire, the apples are harvested at the peak of their season, to bring you a juice that is not too sharp, not too sweet, and has a silky smooth texture that’s perfect for pairing with your favourite pastry.

Eating with the seasons

spring blooms

From juicy summer strawberries to winter citrus, there’s nothing quite like enjoying food at the peak of its season. But by eating with the seasons, you’re not just indulging in delicious food, you’re also supporting local growers and helping to preserve the biodiversity of our land.

Award-winning apple juice: Baker’s Choice

Award-winning apple juice: Baker's Choice

We are excited to reintroduce our now award-winning apple juice, Baker’s Choice, into our bakeries. Made in partnership with Wildpress, we are proud to be associated with such a fantastic company that is committed to sustainability and supporting local growers. By using traditional methods like hand-picking and cold-pressing, they produce high-quality juices that are bursting with flavour and goodness.

Back when we decided we wanted to create a juice, we all agreed that pairing a local, low-food miles apple juice with your breakfast pastry makes much more sense than importing oranges. A continuation of our commitment to sourcing quality British produce and supporting small producers and local agriculture.

  • Preserving biodiversity, one apple at a time

Organic Falstaff applesAmidst the rolling British landscape, the humble apple tree stands tall, an essential component of the UK’s rich biodiversity. But sadly, commercial farming is stripping the land of its natural splendour. Traditional orchards are being lost – along with the unique apple varieties that thrive within them. Wildpress is working to change this by supporting independent growers and sustainable orchards that are championing lesser-known apple varieties. Preserving the precious biodiversity of our land, one apple at a time.

By paying a fairer price for the fruit, we enable farmers to invest in more sustainable, regenerative and biodiversity-boosting practices. Every bottle of this pure, all-natural juice is made with organic Falstaff apples from our friend Ed in Hall End Farm in Herefordshire, where with the additional investment, the farm is experimenting with some pioneering nature-friendly farming practices.

Through our partnership, Ed has planted more apple trees, created wildflower meadows between the rows, refilled two natural ponds and laid many metres of traditional living hedgerows. We are thrilled to have partnered with such a pioneering orchard and to help them make a direct and positive impact on the country’s biodiversity.

  • A good apple

Baker's Choice juice is made with organic Falstaff apples

Baker’s Choice juice is made with organic Falstaff apples. Falstaff is a British apple variety with a lovely balance of sharp and sweet, but it’s not often stocked in supermarkets due to its thin skin and susceptibility to bruising. Wildpress presses all their apples, making it the perfect variety for our juice.

  • From orchard to bottle

Baker's Choice juice in GAIL's bakeries

Wildpress use a traditional basket press that gently extracts the juice, retaining the full flavour and nutritional content of the fruit. Baker’s Choice is silky smooth and floral, with an English rose tint, and is one of the tastiest apple juices we’ve ever tried. Completely free from added sugars, preservatives and concentrates, each bottle is a testament to the hard work of the independent growers who make it possible.

Find a bottle of Baker’s Choice juice in your local bakery today and enjoy the refreshing and sustainable taste of Britain.

The best of the season at GAIL’s

Rhubarb and Ricotta CakeIn addition to our seasonal apple juice, we’re proud to offer a range of baked goods that celebrate the best of spring. From the subtle sweetness of our Rhubarb and Ricotta Cake to the wholesome goodness of our Spinach and Feta Rolls, every bite is a celebration of fresh, well-sourced ingredients made into something truly special.

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