The ritual is over in moments. But a small bite of a sweet treat can bring with it deep contentment. A tender mid-morning bun with freshly-brewed coffee. An individual cake that delights with its simplicity. Little morsels, that set the mood of the day.

Make time for pause with our fresh from the oven bakes. Yours, within the heartwarming hum of our bakeries, or from the comfort of home.

Sweet treats in time

The history of sweet treats in England is rich with rituals of religious and folkloric significance. The month of February, for example, was once known as Solmōnaþ by the Anglo-Saxons, translating as the month of cakes, it was when people offered cakes to their gods.

Then there is the Twelfth Night Cake. A medieval tradition, as part of the Twelfth Night Feast, whereby a ‘Lord of Misrule’ was appointed by whomever received the slice of cake containing the bean stirred into the batter.

Spiritual or not, a lot can be said for their significance.

The interlude of elevenses

Pause for thought. A familiar turn of phrase, a less familiar action amongst our daily bustle. But there is much to be had from a gentle interlude in our day. A moment to gather ourselves, to let it all sink in. And what better way to bring our attention to the now than with a sweet treat?

Sweet Treats: Cinnamon Bun

Profound simplicity. A warm Cinnamon Bun straight out of the oven, ammonite swirls of golden, flaky croissant pastry rolled in cinnamon sugar. A small cake, risen perfectly to the occasion, freshly iced and sprinkled with petals. Always with a cup of loose-leaf tea or freshly-brewed coffee. That offers a moment of delight, a moment of respite.

The Baker’s Table

Pastries, buns and cakes are freshly baked and in abundance on our Baker’s Table. These are just some of the sweet treats available for your daily reprieve:

  • Raspberry Iced Bun

Sweet Treats: Raspberry Iced Bun

Inspiring hearts as full as their raspberry and rose jam centres, but to call them buns may be a misnomer. To craft them our artisan cream buns are baked in the oven, then filled with jam, carefully iced and dusted with beetroot powder. A baked doughnut as it were. Whether they are bun or doughnut, however, is something we’ll let you ponder, as you enjoy one fresh out of the oven at your local bakery.

The raspberry and rose jam filling is made just for GAIL’s by our friends at Tea Together. Their team have spent over twenty years perfecting traditional jam-making. Gently cooked in copper pots over an open flame, every batch of their organic jam is given the time it needs to caramelise and naturally deepen in flavour.

Find cheer in a box of buns >

  • Rhubarb and Ricotta Cake

Rhubarb and Ricotta Cake - sweet treat

Everyone deserves a little R&R. Rhubarb and Ricotta that is. Find a moment for yourself to enjoy our new seasonal bake, a light polenta and ricotta sponge with pockets of pink rhubarb. A nod to brighter days ahead.

Take time for cake >

  • Madeleines

Madeleines - Sweet Treat

“The sight of the little madeleine had recalled nothing to my mind – before I tasted it…” Proust’s most famous work is a lesson on the impact a simple pleasure such as a sweet treat can bring – and the memories it can evoke. Madeleines are delicate mouthfuls of escapism, that happen to pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Muse over madeleines >

Order a Delivery – Whether it’s shared with a dear friend, or enjoyed in a moment of peace and quiet, order a little something sweet to your home.

Click & Collect – When the ritual is baked into your daily rhythm, have your sweet treat ready and wait to go with Click & Collect.

In Bakery – Say hello at your local GAIL’s bakery and enjoy something sweet, still warm, and fresh out of the oven.

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