We spend a lot of time thinking about reducing waste and trying to be as sustainable as we can, so we’re proud to introduce our Waste Bread, a sourdough made from day-old loaves.

Our baker, Roz, has been working on the Waste Bread since January, tirelessly tweaking the recipe to get it just right. To make the Waste Bread, we take yesterday’s unsold loaves and turn them into breadcrumbs, before making a porridge-like mixture with them. The breadcrumb porridge is then added to a fresh white sourdough dough, with the waste bread making up around a third of each new loaf. It’s then proved, shaped and baked, and at 750g, it’s larger than our other loaves.

The result is a moist, tacky loaf with a scorched crust and malty flavour, and as the variety of surplus loaves changes daily, each batch will taste slightly different. We like the Waste Bread best thickly sliced and spread with lashings of whey butter, but it’s a very versatile loaf and is ideal for making sandwiches or dipped into soup.

Find the Waste Bread in selected bakeries from the 11th October.



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