The UK throws away around 24 million slices of bread every day.

That’s 278 slices wasted every single second.

The time is

That’s slices so far today


For the love of bread


We spend our days (and nights) baking with skill, tradition and the best ingredients we can find for our bakeries every day. And we do our best to waste as little as possible, across everything we do. We keep food waste to a minimum, and obsess about how we manage this.


We don’t believe in wasting food. We bake to order every day, and we donate all surplus food to local charities. Whilst developing recipes, we bake mindfully, using ingredients and off-cuts wherever we can find them.

Waste not menu

Our Waste Not menu focuses on using ingredients that would usually be thrown away. Our best-known Waste Not loaf is the Waste-less Sourdough made using yesterday’s surplus bread. Our Cheddar Cheese Crackers are moreish crunchy buttermilk crackers topped with offcuts from Quicke’s nature-clothbound cheddar.