Our dedication to quality extends beyond baking, to every aspect of your experience; right down to the chair upon which you enjoy your morning coffee. This ethos led us to an exciting collaboration with RAW, an extraordinary force in sustainable furniture and craftsmanship, creating pieces that aren’t just beautiful; they’re a force for good.

Crafted With a Conscience

The ethos of a baker is to do everything to a high standard, pay attention to details, respect the ingredients and share generously. When we met our friends at RAW, we immediately recognised a partner who shared in this philosophy.

RAW creates high-quality indoor and outdoor wood furniture, as well as offering a wood recycling service. Each piece they craft represents contemporary design and a bold commitment to the environment. Mirroring the GAIL’s ‘Waste Not’ principle, they breathe new life into recycled and repurposed materials, converting them into exquisite modern furniture. They reclaim an average of 715 tonnes of wood every year, saving it from being burned or dumped. 

But it’s not just about the furniture; it’s about the stories carved into them.

Image of GAIL's x RAW furniture

A Force for Good

Just as we strive to feed and support our communities, RAW generates life-changing social impact by offering training and employment to individuals facing adversity.

They have built a vibrant tribe of talented individuals who are now reclaiming their lives. More than 70% of their dedicated workforce has triumphed over challenges like addiction, mental health issues, disability and homelessness. 

Rick Mower is the visionary behind the founding of RAW. Rejecting the notion of conventional success, Rick envisioned an organisation that uplifts and empowers individuals who have overcome immense challenges. He aimed to create a place where people could thrive, proud of their accomplishments, celebrated for their courage and talent, and not defined by their past.

“I’d always thought ‘successful’ people – the ones I aspired to be – had fast cars, great jobs, holidayed in the Caribbean and ate in fine restaurants. It turns out that’s all rubbish. The success stories that appealed to me became those of the people who’d overcome pretty much every disadvantage, misery and prejudice. I thought that those kinds of people would make an awesome workforce if only they had a place that not only cared for them but also became a place to be part of and, critically, proud of.”

Rick’s vision has undeniably become a reality. With over 25 staff, a diverse product range, a thriving recycling business and a retail outlet, RAW stands as a testament to the power of belief and resilience. They also extend their impact through a youth charity, providing support to prevent others from enduring the same hardships.

Seats that Make a Stand

RAW’s team takes great care in sourcing ecologically sound materials for crafting bespoke modern furniture for our bakeries. Each piece is made with recycled materials, and the focus extends beyond the origin, also considering the energy consumed during production and transportation. This ensures a truly environmentally aware approach, where every detail is consciously considered. 

Their upcycled pieces, along with recycled old furniture, breathe new life into our spaces while making a positive social impact. Our partnership supports life-changing social and sustainability outcomes, exemplified by the impressive results they’ve achieved through collaborations like ours:

  • 54,000 hours of social impact, encompassing skills, training, employment, positive activities and life-skills development. 
  • 2,518 1-1 support sessions dedicated to helping young people facing complex challenges. 
  • 291 specialist support interventions tailored to the needs of young individuals. 
  • Recycling 2,383 tonnes of waste wood, leading to a substantial reduction of 341,441kgs of CO2 emissions into the environment.

Image of the front of a GAIL's bakery

Beyond The Bakeries

At GAIL’s, it’s not just about the bread; it’s about creating a space where everyone can feel proud to belong. By partnering with RAW, we honour the art of craftsmanship to create mindful, innovative and responsible spaces. Each bench, table or planter that greets you as you enter our bakeries, represents a story of resilience and redemption. Supporting our belief in the importance of every ingredient, from dough to decor and contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Visit one of our bakeries to see RAW’s craftsmanship first-hand. You can find their pieces in Exmouth Market, Henley, Woking and South Woodford to name a few, with many more to come.

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