We believe that all coffee experiences should reflect our commitment to craft. From the beans we use, to how we steam and texturise the milks we serve them with. Decaffeinated coffee is no different. Our decision to offer premium, natural decaf honours our belief that every coffee should be a good coffee. We worked closely with our friends at Union Hand-Roasted to find the best decaf, and we are proud to offer Andes Mountain Organic Decaf, from Peru.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is committed to using natural processes to remove caffeine from green coffee to create this decaf. This chemical-free method uses only water and CO2. It keeps in all of the flavour and aroma that we associate with tasty coffee while retaining anti-oxidant rich phenols that offer the wellness properties associated with coffee, all while helping us to avoid caffeine.

Enjoying coffee means enjoying flavour. The sweetness of our decaf creates balance and a pleasant mouthfeel. Its chocolatey bitterness is satisfying and mouth-watering, while the natural fruity acidity is refreshing. We love the unique character of this special organic-certified origin.

Our Andes Mountain Organic decaf respects our natural rhythms. We see wellness as a holistic practice, where sharing enjoyment and pleasure in what we eat and drink creates balance in our lives. It’s all about following your own rhythm. Starting your day with a flat white. Enjoying an espresso after lunch. Sharing cake with friends over a decaf latte in the afternoon. Each of these parts of the day offer moments to reflect, recharge and enjoy.

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