We are now making our plant-based drinks with MOMA Oat Barista Professional.

Our coffee experts have spent the past three years working closely with MOMA to blend an oat drink that would foam beautifully and have just the right balance of depth and flavour to complement our award-winning coffee.

Part of this process was conducting blind taste tests in some of our busiest bakeries – and MOMA received a thumbs-up from both our regulars and our baristas alike.

But food and drink only tastes good when it’s produced and sourced the right way. MOMA is made with wholegrain British oats, which are grown, milled, produced and packed in the UK, reducing carbon footprint and food miles.

And if you did visit one of MOMA’s partner farms, you’d find more than oats in the field. Alongside, their farmers plant bi-crops which help to fix nitrogen in the soil and reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

This partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to work with innovative and pioneering British suppliers who share our commitment to heal the broken food system – as well as our obsession with quality and taste.

“We are always challenging ourselves to find new partners to support our passion for having a positive impact. Partnering with MOMA supports our ambition to nurture the food system.”

Tom Molnar, CEO and Co-Founder of GAIL’s

This Winter, we hope you’ll join us in making some plant-based swaps without sacrificing flavour. Let’s make every mouthful, meaningful. 

You can find our new, Barista Professional oat drink in your local bakery from the 10thJanuary 2024. 

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