As we greet another new year with lofty resolutions and fragile promises of a more moral lifestyle, we too have met 2022 with a commitment to good food.

The latest seasonal additions to our menu match the spirit of new resolutions, in the kinder vein of self-love. We’ve created delicious plant-based sweet and savoury treats, while also adding to our Waste Not range, (the Sticky Date & Coconut Babka Bun is not to be missed) further honouring our commitment to made good food go further.

We believe that quality ingredients make quality food, which is why we use only the finest Islands Chocolate to fill our Chocolate & Hazelnut bun. Finding the perfect partner in Islands took time, but it means that we have a long-lasting relationship with a partner that matches our values.

Take a look below at our new offerings, now available in our bakeries, and online.

Our Chocolate & Hazelnut Bun is an elevated interpretation. We’ve taken our olive oil buns, baked them in a traditional brioche à tête mold, topped them with hazelnuts and a crispy cocoa nougatine before finally filling them with Islands Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread. These plant-based buns are a perfect balance of sweet and savory, and the ideal way to try our Hazelnut & Chocolate spread.

Make lunch an everyday occasion with the Roasted Spiced Cauliflower Sandwich. Sesame flatbread is generously filled with lentil hummus, preserved lemon, pickled aubergine and Matbucha. The lentils that make this hummus are from El Navarrico, a specialist pulse processor based in San Adrian, Navarra, one of the most fertile regions in Spain.

Inspired by a British favourite – sticky toffee pudding – our Sticky Date & Coconut Babka Bun is the latest addition to our Baker’s table. Individual babka knots are made using trimmings of our croissant dough and filled with Medjool date paste mixed with cinnamon, orange zest, dark rum, toasted desiccated coconut and pecans. These twists are then brushed with dark muscovado sugar, coconut and rum butterscotch while warm – perfection

Our latest additions are available in-store, online and on Deliveroo.

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