GAIL's Summer Table

The Contradictory Requirements Of Fermented Food

August 10, 2023

Our seasonal collaborators break bread and reflect on the contradictions at the heart of creating fermented food. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,” said Pablo Picasso. Well, with baking it’s more, “Learn the rules like a pro, and then stick to them like a pro”. A master […]

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GAIL's Heritage Tomato Galette

Tomato Season Is Here

August 9, 2023

If you find yourself unmotivated to cook during the long, languid days of summer, you are not alone. You won’t find us at the stove for hours on end in July or August, needlessly tending to stocks, or checking on a braise. Not only is such effort unenjoyable in the hotter months, it is also […]

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GAIL's x RAW furniture

Furniture That’s a Force for Good: RAW Partnership

August 3, 2023

Our dedication to quality extends beyond baking, to every aspect of your experience; right down to the chair upon which you enjoy your morning coffee. This ethos led us to an exciting collaboration with RAW, an extraordinary force in sustainable furniture and craftsmanship, creating pieces that aren’t just beautiful; they’re a force for good. Crafted […]

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GAIL's x Natoora tomatoes

Summer’s Ripest Treasure: The Heritage Tomato

July 26, 2023

Green and orange, red and yellow, pink and purple. The hues of the tomato are as diverse as its culinary possibilities. We like ours thickly sliced and sprinkled generously with sea salt, or slowly baked inside quiches and pies. With little embellishment, to really let the tomatoes do the talking. Our friends at Natoora supply […]

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